What is Praxis Impact!?
Praxis Impact! is a Wellness Based IRS compliant cafeteria plan.
Does Praxis Impact! replace my existing benefit plan?
Not necessarily. Praxis Impact! is not major medical group insurance. Tax savings that the plan generates for the employee can be used to pay for their share of their group medical insurance premium. Praxis Impact! can be coupled with your existing major medical plan to provide a robust set of benefits for your employees. Depending on your situation, it can replace or compliment any other existing benefit plans you have in place. 
With Praxis Impact! what kind of insurance benefits are provided or are available?

Praxis Impact! provides participants access to life insurance, disability income insurance, accident expense insurance, critical illness and others. Our wellness program is included in the plan as well.

Does this change how much money I take home?

No.  The only time you would see a change in take home pay is if the participant elect to spend more than the benefit bucks available to them. 



Are the insurance products available through Praxis Impact! by a good company?

Yes, we use several A-rated insurance companies and work with you to determine which product meets your specific circumstances and needs

With Praxis Impact! is life insurance available for dependents?

Yes. Life insurance is available for employee spouses and dependents.

Does this effect my Social Security payment?
Generally no, however If you are within five years of retirement ANY benefit plan could potentially have an adverse effect on Social Security. If you think your social security could be affected after meeting with us or if you have any concerns we would recommend you discussing your individual situation with a tax advisor. We do have low cost counsel available.
Does Praxis Impact! eliminate ACA Employer Responsibility Payments?

No it does not. Talk with us about solutions to handle your ERP’s in a low-cost manner.

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