Smarter Group Medical Plans

Long gone are the days when you could afford to only think about your employee benefits package every few years. Rising costs are making open enrollment a dreaded time for both you and your employees. No one is happy about the increased expense and unpopular plan changes required to just continue to offer what you have in the past, let alone introduce anything new.

See Praxis in Action!

Tired of rising costs? Praxis Benefits develops strategies that save you money on group healthcare premiums. Whether it is re-engineering your Blue Cross Blue Shield group plan, providing a Level Funded plans, Minimum Essential Coverage plans or looking at our own branded plan utilizing the Cigna or Aetna networks of physicians and hospitals Praxis will work in partnership with you to address your company needs and those of your employees.

In the case studies above we helped enhance existing Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage while saving our clients money on premium.

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