For Employees – Benefits at Little or No Cost.

Praxis Benefits gives you the ability to engage in a wellness program while enabling you to design insurance benefits customized to meet your individual needs. With Praxis, you can protect you and your family from life’s unexpected events with guaranteed access to life insurance, disability protection and much more.


Engage in Wellness

We believe in performance not just outcomes. Reaching our goals is a process not always easily achieved. We give everyone access to coaching and a “gamified” portal so achieving your goals can not only be satisfying but fun!


No Change to Pay

Participation in the Praxis Wellness Program generates tax savings that are used to pay your insurance premiums.  Your take home pay remains the same.



Praxis Benefits administers benefits programs for hundreds of people just like you. Interested? Have your employer contact us.

I knew I needed more life insurance but the premium expense was going to be really expensive.  When my employer adopted the Praxis Benefits Cafeteria Plan I was able to secure the additional life insurance I needed to protect my family.  And, the great news was my participation in the Praxis Wellness Program allowed me to pay the premium with the tax savings so my take home pay did not change one bit!

LPN Charge Nurse, Bellevue Health & Rehabilitation Center