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During feline panleukopenia virus (FPV) infection of mink, early signs of depression are associated with small cell aggregates of the nucleus and cytoplasm, which appear as rough-looking cells and which do not stain by the Romanowsky stains. When giant cells accumulate, the nucleus and cytoplasm are enlarged to form large cells which stain uniformly. Both cell types have the ability to continue to divide.Q:

Is this true statement, “difference in finding the longest path from two graphs $G_1$ and $G_2$ is bounded by $O(nm)$”

Let two weighted graphs $G_1$, $G_2$ such that $\vert G_1\vert=n, \vert G_2\vert=m$. Let $d_1$ be the length of the longest path in graph $G_1$ and $d_2$ be the length of the longest path in $G_2$. Let $d=\max(d_1,d_2)$.
The statement is,
$$\vert d(G_1,G_2)-d\vert \le O(nm).$$
I have problems to prove this statement. Can anyone help me in this problem?


Show that the longest path in a graph $G$ is of length $O(n\sqrt{V(G)})$.
Since $G$ has at least one node, we can assume $n\geq 1$. Consider the definition of $d$. If $d$ is the length of the longest path in $G$, then $d=\max\{d_1,d_2\}\geq\min\{d_1,d_2\}=d_1\ve

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