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BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (AP) — The state’s transportation authority chairman has been chosen to lead an investigation into whether the company that operates the Crossharbor tunnels is in compliance with its permit, which expired in June 2011.

Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch says in an Aug. 14 letter to the state Department of Transportation, Michael Milbury was chosen to lead the investigation.

Finch says the Crossharbor tunnel authority has had trouble meeting deadlines for keeping the tunnel clear.

Crossharbor tunnel authority spokeswoman Tracey Smith says Finch had no problem with Milbury’s nomination.

Crossharbor tunnel authority Chairman Michael Milbury has a long history of community activism and serving the public good.

The site of construction, the Terminal Island/Cross Harbor Tunnel (TIM) complex on the Long Island Sound, has one the most regulated shoreline and coastal areas in the country and one of the world’s most valuable port complexes.

The complex holds a 100% taxable value and is the first port complex in the United States to become a Maritime Special District (MSD), pursuant to a designation made on June 15, 2003, by the United States Port Authority.

(Long Island’s North Shore can be reached through either the Crossharbor Tunnel or the North Fork of the Long Island Sound, the site of which was the former Republic Steel’s former Long Island Harbor facilities.)

The city of Bridgeport currently owns the former Republic Steel waterfront, which is highly polluted and hazardous. This site, which currently contains over 2 million tons of toxic waste, has been placed on the National Priorities List (NPL).

In June of 2011, the Cross Harbor Tunnel Authority successfully completed an air quality permit that covered all Tidal Sound air emissions from the site. The expected construction impact to local communities was covered.

Borden Avenue has since been named a Superfund site, which prohibits many land uses and development activity.

Residents who live nearby the Cross Harbor Tunnel, as well as the surrounding area, have complained loudly about the noise, traffic, pollution, and the destruction of wildlife and marshlands.

(Borden Avenue and the Cross Harbor Tunnel run parallel to the bridge in front of the site.)

The Cross Harbor Tunnel Authority was established by the

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Great Summer Stuffer

by John P. Gibbons, BA ’13

If you are reading this while listening to Ella Fitzgerald sing “Summertime,” it is probably because of The July Paper, the BC student literary magazine. This is my first year on the circulation committee, and I’m looking forward to this year’s edition, which will be coming out in August.

The July Paper has three sections (“The Issue,” “The Reader,” and “New Genre”), and this year, the issue will be devoted to “the summer.” This is something that has always fascinated me: the dizzying array of options available to me at the beach, the perfect surf-away when it’s too cold or wet in the city, and the sheer volume of television shows to choose from. Here’s a little taste of the summer picks that we’ve come up with so far:

Three Tips for the Summer

One of the most consistently enjoyable aspects of the summer is how sun-filled it can be. You can spend countless hours staring at the sun, but try a different activity the next day and you’ll find a host of options in nearby neighborhoods or even on the same side of town