If you are handling 2D and 3D content professionally and are in search of a feature-packed open-source assistant, you may want to take Bforartists for a spin. The program is a fork of the renowned 3D tool Blender, proposing a multitude of enhancements that should make the user experience much more fruitful.
Bforartists boasts an impressive set of features neatly organized within the GUI and allowing you to explore unlimited possibilities in terms of graphic design, ranging from modeling and texturing to sculpting, rigging, rendering, and much more.
Professional 2D and 3D editor focused on the user 
Before anything else, it is worth pointing out that the program’s main purpose is to be a product aimed at the very user, and not the developer, meaning that the philosophy behind the project is to offer an intuitive GUI and make all its features easy to access.
As said, the software utility puts at your disposal a host of tools that should enable you to generate high-quality 2D and 3D content. Sporting two different renderers that allow you to turn a 2D image into a 3D model, Bforartists provides the user with HDR lighting support, CPU & GPU rendering, and more.
Packs an extensive set of features
In terms of modeling, the offer is pretty generous as well, with a multitude of that ensure polygon modeling, Ngons, and Python scripting being worth mentioning. Aside from that, regarding materials, you should know that the capabilities of the two renderers combined ensure a balanced mix of features.
What’s more, varied solutions for rigging are offered and guarantee realistic effects, as is the case of sculpting, with up to 20 types of brush tapes being integrated.
As for animation, a character animation pose editor, K forward / inverse kinematics, non Linear Animation, and lots of other functions are provided. Then, multiple mapping methods can be used, with a built-in compositor opening the door to a wide artistic perspective.
Simulations tools are integrated as well, which means you can explore anything from Hair, Smoke, and Fluid and Particles, and last but not least, camera and object tracking is included on the feature list.
Comprehensive tool helping you create 3D content
On an ending note, Bforartists is a powerful 2D and 3D editor that encourages to pursue any artistic quest you may have in mind. Packing an extensive user manual that should be of great help whenever you want to get a better grasp of its features, the program offers unlimited design opportunities, so taking it for a spin is a must.







Bforartists 2014.10.1 Download

Made for artists, Designers and filmmakers, Bforartists Serial Key enables you to create a stunning visual experience in no time!
Bforartists is a cutting edge 2D and 3D Editor and Content creator for creativity. It’s an easy to use interface with a state of the art OpenGL renderer. With a full suite of tools and materials available, Bforartists can be your next 3D creation tool.
Bforartists is the perfect blend of open source technology and the visual toolkit you are already familiar with.
You can use the software to create all your own assets and use those elements in your movies, games, or just for fun. An unlimited amount of stock images and vector illustrations to use is included in the program.
Bforartists offers:
OpenGL based 3D Renderer
Full set of Materials for texturing and compositing
Coffee-break friendly
Vast number of Addons available
Extensive animation feature set
Stock image and vector artwork

MyKlite is the free and open source alternative to Kofax’s K-8. This post is a summary of the main features.
One of the main shortcoming of the Kofax K-8 is its price, which can vary from $8,000 to $20,000 per seat. Then, also considering that the software requires a SQL database to run, making it not very scalable.
Klite is an open source, and free K-8 alternative that is designed to help people overcome the limitations of K-8, making it very scalable.
Since its launch in December 2017, the project’s community has steadily grown and, since then, it has been actively developing MyKlite.
MyKlite is an open source document management software that should enable any organization to deploy the same closed source K-8 functionality without the need of a SQL database.
MyKlite requires a Linux server, a NAS device, and a docker image.
All three are available on the MyKlite website and can be downloaded within minutes.
MyKlite has been constantly improving since its inception and has achieved a steady state in recent years. It is currently used to manage over 5000 user accounts in 50 companies and over 300GB of documents.
MyKlite stands out for its open source nature, its versatility and scalability, and its ability to be deployed without a SQL database.
But if the SQL database is required for support reasons

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Bforartists is an open-source, professional, professional 2D and 3D content creator. The goal was to create an easy to use and full featured 2D and 3D tools with a professional feel.

Did you know that Inkscape can import SVG documents? There are, of course, the various tools to export the vector drawings, but if your needs involve importing an SVG file, it’s good to know that Inkscape comes packed with some reading tools.
Inkscape Import is a tool that was primarily developed for exporting SVG documents into new files with a.svg extension. With it, you can easily export or import SVG documents from layers, groups, or the clipboard to a new Inkscape document.

SketchVault Pro is a free online drawing tool from Adobe Systems Inc. Its purpose is to allow you to sketch, combine and arrange a variety of Adobe Illustrator shapes and patterns on a Canvas. It’s a useful tool when you need to draw something on a canvas without having an Illustrator license.
The product consists of two tools: a standard and a professional tool, but only the standard one allows you to export into Illustrator documents, whereas the professional tool allows you to export a range of options that can be used in Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape.
SketchVault Pro Rating:
The SketchVault Pro standard tool has been rated 5/5 by The Balance. This tool allows you to draw a canvas, add shapes on top of them, place text, use patterns to add interest, and export the drawing into Inkscape or Illustrator. In addition, SketchVault Pro features a variety of color and blend modes, masking options, and text styles.
The final configuration can be shared with a click. Users can use the free version of SketchVault Pro for a limited number of drawings.
SketchVault Pro Specifications:
– Visually pleasing interface, allowing for clear and precise drawing
– Draw on canvas or use multiple canvases
– Use shape layers to make color and pattern effects
– Create and export SVG files
– Unlimited shapes
– Templates, and a collection of 20 themes
– Text added to shapes
– Export to illustrator, vector or raster files
– Export to every vector format: EPS, SVG, AI, Encapsulated EPS (EPS)
– Blend modes and effects
– Add shadows, curves, and reflections

Bforartists 2014.10.1

Bforartists was developed to ease the process of creating 3D models. For many, Blender is a need for a change and this is what Bforartists is intended to address; provide a better experience and an easy to use environment to create 3D content.
Bforartists is a powerful solution that will benefit beginners and those experienced in 3D modeling and design. The idea behind Bforartists was to cut out the bulk of the of the work and offer a streamlined user experience that will help beginners from the beginning of their project and give more experienced users a new way to work.
Key Features:
2D and 3D tools to create and polish your artwork
Camera and Object Tracking
Scene management
Flexible Rendering
Numerous materials
Materials Gather
Fluid and Particles
Hair, Smoke, and Fluid
Particle Morph Gather
Align to Object Geometry
Mapping including UVs and Projectors
Built-in Compositor
Object Locking and Moving
Sub Surfaces to create Mapping and UVs
Curve Editing
Curves Gather and Rename
Creating Ngon’s
Import/Export Text/Shape Files
Layer Grouping
Scripting with Python
Inverse Kinematics
Custom Evaluation Function
Custom Python Scripting
Reference Object
Bases Gather
Bases Rename
Paths on Bases and Objects
Library with 12 Pre-baked Materials
Create Custom Materials
Create Custom Normals
Create Custom Displacements
Custom Animation Bundles
Texturing with Mantra, Photoshop, and Krita
Transparence Levels
Fake Surface Reflections
Image or Video
Texts Gather
Texts Rename
Texts and Image Styles
Image Styles
Styles Gather
Styles Rename
Text Styles
Text Styles Gather
Text Styles Rename
Clipping Planes
Texture Naming
File Rows:
Supported Types
Supported RGB / Gray / HSV / HLS / NBG / etc
Color Wheel for easy toggling
Type, Width, and Offset
RGB with HSV, HLS, or BWGA offsets
Gray/HSV/BWGA with RGB offsets
HSV/HLS with RGB offsets
Bit Depth + rounding
Saturation + rounding
Converters and Settings
Two “User

What’s New In Bforartists?

Bforartists, is a 3D Content creation software for modeling, texturing and rendering of scenes and video content. It supports the creation of 3D models and images in different formats (TGA, JPEG, PNG, etc)..
Bforartists is both a fully featured 3D modeling and rendering program, as well as a video and photo editor. It contains all the features you need for multimedia content.

Mandriva 2019.2 is an easy-to-use Linux distribution, offering the best out-of-the-box experience. It supports a number of desktop environments (GNOME, KDE, Xfce, Cinnamon and MATE), which allow you to tailor your desktop environment to your needs.
This new release contains the updated GNOME 3.34 desktop environment, which is polished and faster than ever, as well as the latest OpenOffice.org, Thunderbird and Firefox web browsers. You can install new applications using the pre-configured Mandriva Software Center, or the GUIMini installer, or install your applications from the official repositories, thanks to a collection of useful utilities.
During installation, the system will guide you through the process of choosing the desktop environment to use, the installation location, as well as allow you to encrypt your home directory and re-install the operating system.
GNOME desktop environment
GNOME 3.34, the latest release of the GNOME desktop environment, brings a new option for locking the screen when not required. This option is offered in the GNOME Settings. The keyboard shortcuts for switching between desktops have also been improved to make switching between the desktops faster.
GNOME 3.34 also ships with the latest version of GNOME Music, the software that offers a simple way to organize and listen to your music.
GNOME 3.34 also ships with the “Search” software, which allows you to search for files and folders in a way that is similar to a Spotlight search on MacOS.
GNOME 3.34 also includes GNOME Maps, a well-integrated mapping program that aims to make finding things with Maps easier and faster.
You can now customize the toolbars and add new applications to them through a new GNOME Tweaks tool. For instance, you can now add QuickLists in the GNOME Tweaks, which are lists of commonly used shortcuts and add a Firefox reader to the GNOME Tweaks toolbar.

The three keynotes at the beginning of the event were given by Camillo Sabat

System Requirements:

When I first got my hands on a gamepad, I had an unfortunate encounter with this game. I had a good amount of money sitting around, I was living the dream, and I bought Fallout 4. I always thought that the gamepad was just an annoyance, something that I would play with and get used to. I had three controllers. I would use them for a bit, and then give them away. I gave away my first controller, but I always used my second and third controllers. I figured that these would last until the game became out of date. Once the