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Turn your laptop into a digital video recorder (DVR) with recordMyTV. You can record, pause and rewind live TV from your PC.

* RecordMyTV is not a computer software. It will not record any video clips on your computer, only create recording schedules to the DVD or record your favorite programs while your laptop is powered off.
* RecordMyTV also can record live TV. You must use the Internet Connection to download the software first.
* When using recordMyTV, the software will record data from the Internet instead of your PC.

If you want to record programs with the Internet Connection, you may download the latest version of recordMyTV from
It supports Windows 2000/NT/XP/Vista/Windows 7.
You may get the source codes from and customize recordMyTV to meet your personal needs.
How to use recordMyTV:
1. Download and install recordMyTV.
2. When you want to record a TV program, you need to click the checkbox of “Record” to mark it. Then select “my video files” on the left side of the program to choose the recorded video files.
3. Click the “Start” button to start recording the target TV program.
If you want to pause the recording, you may click the “Pause” button.
If you want to play the recording later, you may click the “Replay” button.
4. When you want to stop the recording, you may click the “Stop” button.
5. The main window of recordMyTV has a nice and friendly interface. You may choose to record a TV program from the record menu or start the recording. You can also pause, replay or stop the recording directly from the main window.
You may also change the size of the video frames to be larger or smaller in the “Capture” menu.
6. The size of the window may be changed to maximize the screen space, or you can even make it smaller to save some of your screen space.
7. You may also get rid of the display frame on top of the main window to make your computer screen be clean.
8. In the “Source” menu, you may choose to enable to disable the source to be displayed on the right side of the main window. You can choose to disable it if you don’t want to see

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KEYMACRO is a Windows utility to record selected text. Press Alt-Shift-A to bring up the macro utility, then enter the text to be recorded. The selected text is then recorded as a macro for use in Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Access, or other applications.
KeyMacro was developed by Odo Fouquet, and is freeware.
Note: By default, KeyMacro records a macro with no name.
KEYMACRO Features:
– Set keyboard shortcuts to select text
– Record selected text to file
– Open file in Wordpad, Notepad, or other editors
– Open file in Word/Excel/Access/Calc
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– Save file in Doc/Excel/Access
– Saved file can be modified in Wordpad
– Save file can be printed in Wordpad
– Copy text to Windows Clipboard
– View KeyMacro code in Notepad or Windows Calculator
– View macro code in Visual Studio
– Find/Replace in code in Notepad or Windows Calculator
– Type to build macros in Notepad or Windows Calculator
– Type to build macros in Visual Studio
– Execute macros
– Save macros to file
– Execute macros in Notepad or Windows Calculator
– Execute macros in Visual Studio
– Execute macros in Word/Excel/Access/Calc
– Execute macros in Word/Excel/Access
– Execute macros in Doc/Excel/Access
– Build macros in Notepad or Windows Calculator
– Build macros in Visual Studio
– Show keystroke codes
– Export macros to file
– Export macros to Excel file
– Export macros to Doc file
– Export macros to Word file
– Export macros to Access file
– Export macros to Calc file
– Convert macros to record mode
– Convert macros to play mode
– Convert macros to single key mode
– Convert macros to multiple key mode
– Convert macros to virtual key mode
– Convert macros to assign macro key
– Convert macros to non-printable mode
– Convert macros to enable print
– Convert macros to disable print
– Display keyboard codes in Notepad or Windows Calculator
– Display keyboard codes in Visual Studio
– Display macro code in Notepad or Windows Calculator
– Display macro code in Visual Studio
– Save keystroke codes to file
– Send keystroke code to clipboard

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What’s New In Crystal TV?

* Supports the following video formats: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC,
* MP3 Audio, WMA Audio, OGG Audio, Video: MPEG-4, MOV, AVI, FLV, 3GP, WMV
* Supports several screens sizes: Full-screen,
* Standard and High definition support,
* Allows to change the picture and sound quality.

If you can`t enjoy the Russian shows on TV because you can`t get a Russian IP address, then you need the Genie Fire TV IPTV Kodi Stick. This stick gives you access to hundreds of Russian channels and movies. No mess with satellites, antenna or broadband.
With Kodi and its millions of add-ons, it is impossible to miss anything. This stick has a 3.5-inch LCD display with resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, and it supports a remote control.
The Genie Stick works with any TV that supports USB and HDMI. Install it on your TV, connect it to your PC and select the Russian channels you want. The Genie Stick supports all Kodi versions since version 17.6 Krypton and up.
You can choose from three operating systems: Windows, Mac and Linux. There are two versions available for all three operating systems.
This is a stick for all your streaming needs. It has a 3.5-inch display with resolution of 800 x 480 pixels and it supports Kodi 17.6 Krypton and up.
The stick is equipped with an HDMI port that lets you plug it to any TV that supports HDMI and USB. No fuss with satellite, antenna, or DSL. Plug it into your computer and you can start streaming immediately.
The 3.5-inch display is backlit and has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. It uses WiFi connection that supports WiFi routers with up to 150 devices and it comes with a remote control.
This stick includes the operating system and the software needed for the device to work. It uses an HDMI port. Plug it to your TV and connect it to your computer. It is a small device and you will hardly notice its presence.

How to watch Russian TV on your PC, with Real Russian TV
Computer TV shows Russian TV programs on your PC. It is 100% legal!
It is completely free!
No fees are charged by the author or artist!
You can try it out on the homepage and can buy it via the store or the searchbox.
• Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 / Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2008R2 / 2012 / Windows Server 2012 / Windows Server 2012R2 / Windows Server 2016
• Adobe Flash Player version 10 or later, and Firefox or Google Chrome or IE 11 or later
• Required codecs: Windows Media Video (Windows Vista and above) or Advanced Encoder (Windows XP and below)
• Required browser plug-in

System Requirements:

Windows 7
10 GB free space
Intel Pentium or compatible AMD processor
DVD drive or Blu-Ray drive
Internet connection
Product Specifications:
Mac OS X 10.7 or newer
Media Format: DVD-Video
Video Resolution: 1080p/1920×1080
Format: PAL
Region: PAL
Subtitles: English
Video Languages: English, French, Spanish
Audio Languages: English, French, Spanish
Bonus Features:
Two of