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Operating System Requirement

Wise PC is a software publisher. Our mission is to deliver good quality software for the needs of home and small business users. Although Wise PC produces a wide array of software, we do try to provide each of the programs reviewed here with a detailed description of system requirements. For more information, please visit our System Requirements page.

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This release contains a number of small updates and improvements. The complete list of changes can be read in the Change Log.This invention relates to an information communication network such as an optical communication network.
With the increase in the amount of data handled by a network, the need for an optical communication network having an even higher transmission rate has been rising.
In an optical communication network, light beams are used for both the transmission of the data and the transmission of an addressing signal in order to identify a receiving station at which the data is received.
In order to ensure optimum communication, the transmission direction of the light beam must be controlled. That is, light beams must be converged in the direction to a distant point from a network center in which the receiving station is located.
FIG. 7 of the accompanying drawings shows such a prior art optical communication network in which the control of the transmission direction of the light beam is effected by means of the optical fiber 201 and a laser diode 202 that forms part of the transmission light path, the light beams 203, 204 being transmitted simultaneously in mutually opposite directions. In the drawing, the reference numeral 205 designates a CPU which determines the control of the laser diode 202 and the transmission direction of the light beams 203, 204 and the like, while numeral 206 designates the light beams that are received.
The light beams 203, 204 which are transmitted in the mutually opposite directions are converged by an optical converging system 207 and are again converged by a mirror 208, thereby transmitting through the optical fiber 201.
In this prior art arrangement, the diverging direction of the light beams is controlled through the control of the application and the interruption of the current supplied to the laser diode 202. However, because of the dual use of the light beams for the transmission of the data and the transmission of the addressing signals, the amount of attenuation due to the optical attenuating system connected in the transmission path is greatly increased, making it impossible to transmit the light beams at a high rate.On an international stage,

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Printing software

A printing software is a piece of software used for printing documents, photographs, drawings, artwork, and any other type of printouts. In early days, the term “print” referred to the process of making a separate copy of something on paper, as in a letter, manuscript, or booklet. In recent years the term “print” has come to be associated with a digital rendering of that same content. The actual printing process has also seen some changes. In the past, printing consisted of a single step: pressing a printing press lever. Today, printing is usually a two-step process: scanning or printing, and printing.


Traditionally, most forms of print media consisted of paper with ink transferred to it by an inked printing press, which imprints an image through ink onto the paper. This printing method, and the technology and paper to be printed on, changed with the advent of offset lithography and more recent types of print media.


In a recent shift, technology is moving towards printing with materials other than ink on paper or plastic, including two-dimensional displays, fabrics, and thin sheets of plastic.

Automatic Printing Software

Automatic printing is a widely used term for printing documents without any intervention by an operator. This is primarily made possible by utilizing the technologies inherent in computers, and expanding upon the skills and processes of manual printing.

Printing software overview

Printing software provides computer users with tools for computer-based printing. It connects a computer to a printer, and allows you to print directly from your applications, documents, and other data. Several print technologies are integrated into the software, including laser and inkjet. The printing software usually offers access to common functions such as choosing paper and supplies, configuring print settings and previewing the output. Some software also includes additional features like easy print layout, processing and duplex printing, embedding of signature or bar codes, document encryption, and more.

PCL 6.0 RC


This is the last release of PCL before PCL 5.2

What’s New In?

This program automates printing. It finds scheduled printing tasks and prints them before the scheduled time….

25released by ACME Technologies

Microsoft Outlook Outlook Express – e-mail tool for WindowsIn this post I will show you how to open the e-mail, folders, as well as messages inside the Files and Folders section. There are also ways to view contacts, use “Properties” and print. Some of these tools are new in Outlook 2013. For previous versions of Windows, these tools can be found from the Accessories section: Shortcuts – from within Outlook 2010, open the Files section of the tool bar: and then: The e-mail tool will open with a folder tree. To select a folder, click on the folder and it will open; and to select a message, click inside the message and the tool will start reading it. You can also select multiple messages, and save and print them. Email – click on the File icon – and then: The Messages tab will open. Here is where all messages can be viewed; you can sort by date or from/to. You can delete e-mail messages, add attachments, open a message with the message file, as well as some properties. Note that the file size limit has been reduced from 5 MB to 2 MB. List View – click on the File icon – and then:

3released by ACME Technologies

PDF Creator for Windows, viewing and editing PDF filesWhat do you have to do to save a document as a PDF? Open it, attach it as an email attachment, save it to a folder that can be accessed by PDF readers, and mark it as PDF? That process is not always the easiest one.PDF Creator can make the creation and reading of PDF files a quick and easy process. At the top of the program is a nifty downloadable PDF toolbar icon, which provides a quick way to open, save, annotate, and search PDFs. Very often, a PDF format document is just like a word file you can read on a word processor, but with a nice, document design. There are a few different types of PDF formats, which are in addition to the actual file type. They are usually combinations of the documents themselves, as well as what is added to the PDF after it is created. These special documents, or “tags,” include information such as company logos, copyright information, and even forms you can fill out online. This can all be done without

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: Intel Pentium II or AMD Athlon XP or higher
Memory: 128 MB RAM
Storage: 10 MB available space on hard disk
Graphics: DirectX 9 Compatible Video Card with 64 MB of video RAM.
Additional Notes:
Minimum keyboard and mouse input devices (Virtual Keyboard and Mouse are not required for keyboard input).
Gamepad and microphone are optional
The keyboard is the primary input device