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Web site down! is a simple and highly efficient website status checker. It takes the power of online web site checks and makes it simple and easy to do it yourself. Web site down! can check the status of your website, and determine the availability of its online and local resources.
You can check if a remote computer or an ISP server is working properly or if your ISP is experiencing problems. Web site down! will check your website from any device (a mobile phone, a tablet, a desktop, a laptop) on any network or on the Internet.
Web site down! Features:
* Simple to use
* Simple website status checker. You can test your website in 5 minutes or less.
* Status report
* Detailed status report
* Determines the availability of online and local resources
* Efficient! Web site down! uses the most advanced internet technology available.
* Portable
* Small and compact, Web site down! can be run on most storage devices.
* Reliable
Web site down! cannot cause any harm to your computer, and it will not slow down your Internet connection. You can use Web site down! to check the status of your website from anywhere!
How to use:
Select the website you want to check from the list. You can even check all the websites at once by pressing the check all button.
Once you have selected the website you want to check, press the check button. You can also type in the website URL and press the check button to check the website.
Each check is always accompanied by a status report. To see a detailed and detailed report, type in the website address and press the download button.
Web site down! automatically checks the Internet connection of the website. Once it is done, you can view the website status report.
If the website’s status report does not state that it is offline, you can download the detailed website status report to your computer.
Web site down! can also check the status of a local server. You just need to type in the IP address and press the check button. It will check your computer’s connection to the Internet. If it is not working, Web site down! will indicate it.
Internet connection status
You can use Web site down! to check the Internet connection of your ISP, and find out if it is working properly or not. It will also tell you if you are located on a remote computer or if you are connected to the Internet from the ISP

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The software is used to control almost all Linux based computers connected to the internet. KEYMACRO has a many features which include: Domain management, Log-in management, Remote management and many other.
Key Macro is a program which remotely controls your Linux machine, and it is free. It is highly secure and reliable.
Key Macro v2.2.1


A flaw was found in the management of the SSH key authentication.
If the user name is not equal to the SSH key name then an unauthorized attack is possible against the user’s account.
CVE-2013-4198 : Steve Marquess



OPR-2003-003 was found in the installation process. If the user name is equal to the SSH key name then an unauthorized attack is possible against the user’s account.
CVE-2003-1804 : Steven Marquess



OPR-2003-002 was found in the installation process. If the user name is equal to the SSH key name then an unauthorized attack is possible against the user’s account.
CVE-2003-1792 : Steven Marquess



OPR-2003-003 was found in the installation process. If the user name is equal to the SSH key name then an unauthorized attack is possible against the user’s account.
CVE-2003-1789 : Steven Marquess


OZZIE stands for Open Zoo Zoo Internet Enforcer. OZZIE is a collection of scripts used to secure a computer. The user must be able to run OZZIE, and the OZZIE utility must be installed in the file system before OZZIE can be used.
OZZIE consists of three tools:
– A utility to add all required SIDs to the registry.
– A utility to collect all security exceptions in the registry, and archive them.
– An application to disable all of the above tools.
The tools are script-based, so OZZIE can run in a single- or multi-user mode.
Fuzzy and Short Description:
Some say it is the ant that could eat an elephant. Others say that we are all more

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Keymacro is a keyboard macro recorder, meaning it will let you save keystrokes from your computer keyboard to a file so you can replay them at any time. To make this happen, simply install the program, open it and make a few changes. You can record up to 30 seconds of keystrokes, replay them later and you can set up variables like the number of times you repeat a key, the time between repeats and other options.
Keymacro is a perfect application for anyone that needs to save repetitive work. It lets you create your own keyboard macros and those can save you time, saving the effort of having to type certain keys again and again. Even a novice user can take advantage of the software.
Keymacro is compatible with Windows 7 and above. The program does not require any plugins or 3rd party software to work. The installation process is simple. Simply download the software and run it.
You can set variables.
It works with Windows 7 and above.
It does not require any plugins or 3rd party software to work.
You cannot add macros in the program.
Keymacro is a freeware product.

Swift Basic 3.0.0 by Laminar Research is a client-server application for
creating web applications and interfaces. It enables you to publish your
application to web servers on the Internet, or to access it using
Web browsers. It can also be used as a Web server.
There are two main ways to use Swift: through the Xcode editor and
through command line tools. Xcode is an integrated development
environment (IDE) for programming Mac OS X. It provides a graphical
interface for creating Xcode projects, including applications, games,
plug-ins, and frameworks.
Swift is designed to make it easy to create and debug applications
for use on Apple’s Macintosh computers and other computers running
Unix-like operating systems. The Xcode editor integrates Swift
development with the Xcode IDE. The Swift command line tool is
available as a set of tools for command-line development and command-line
A quick and intuitive editor
The Xcode editor enables you to develop and debug applications using Swift.
The program is very simple to use: you simply need to start a project
by creating a Xcode project, and then you can

What’s New In Web Site Down!?

A very basic utility that lets you check if your website is available.



Web site down!

Web site down! is a very basic utility that lets you check if your website is available. Check it out! www.web-site-down.com

One of the main duties of any website administrator is, as you may have guessed it, to ensure that the website at hand actually stays online.
Forget all about using command line tools to check your website's status
If, for example, the website does not feature a comprehensive backend to help you check its status, you are left with the option of using the Command Prompt and manually pinging the website's server.
With its somewhat shouty name, Web site down! is a basic piece of software that aims to offer a more user-friendly solution for checking the status of your website, as opposed to using the aforementioned command-based method.
Portable app with basic looks
Since the application is portable and very small in size, you are not required to go through any installation process and you can take it with you everywhere you go on any storage device.
In terms of looks, let us put it this way: the utility makes the expression 'what you see is what you get' seem very appropriate. Web site down!'s main window features such a simple layout that even novice users cannot possibly get into trouble while working with it.
Simple and efficient website checker
Working with the tool is as simple as everything else about it, since you only need to type your website's URL and send a Ping using the designated button. You have the option to choose the ping time out interval or set up the app to check every few seconds.
The utility can also be used to check the availability of a local computer, remote computer, ISP, webserver or any online Internet connection.
Unimpressive, but definitely efficient
On the other hand, you are entitled to think that the app is a bit old-fashioned and maybe lacking some features and yes, there are a lot of better and more feature-packed online solution for checking websites. Also, some features like IP finder, a subnet calculator or a location finder for the website's domain would have been welcomed.
To conclude, Web site down! may not be much to look at, but it is actually a very efficient and simple to use app that can help you check if your website is online, nothing more, nothing less.
A very basic utility that lets you check if your website is available.

One of the main duties of any website administrator is,

System Requirements:

1.8 GHz Dual Core CPU with 1 GB RAM
1024 MB RAM is Recommended
OS: Windows 7,8,10 64 bit
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1. Click Download Button
2. It will start downloading
3. Wait for the download to complete
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