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You can use AutoCAD to create any of the standard 2D drafting functions, such as orthographic (2D), perspective, and oblique views. In addition, AutoCAD provides some unusual functions such as a technique to draw free-form on any surface, either natural or man-made, an ability to slice a 2D or 3D drawing into any 2D drawing element, a method to create 3D free-form drawings, and a process to export a 3D drawing to a 3D file.

AutoCAD drawings are created in a dialog-based interface. In dialogs, you choose an option and then a series of input boxes appear where you enter text or numbers. You have a choice of which buttons to use. To exit the dialog, simply close the window and the drawing is saved. You can also save the drawing in a variety of file formats. When you click File, you see the Save As dialog where you can select a file format. The file name, description, and file size, as well as options for saving the file with certain modifications, appear on the right side of the dialog box. The Export dialog box allows you to export to other software, such as Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Word, or Microsoft Excel. You can create a thumbnail for the drawing to help you remember it later.

Creating a simple drawing with AutoCAD

The simplest kind of drawing that can be created in AutoCAD is a line, or polyline. The drawing in the figure below was created in the drawing area using the Line command from the Home tab on the ribbon.

The Line command creates a line on the current layer. After the Line command is executed, you can draw multiple lines. You can also apply the standard or nonstandard arrowheads to your line.

Note: The Line command has been updated to provide a new choice to select the line color. See the Table below for more information on the Line command’s new options.

Creating a line in AutoCAD

You can also draw a simple polyline. In the example below, a polyline was created by using the Line command from the Home tab on the ribbon. After the Line command is executed, you can draw a second line by holding down the Shift key while you press the Down Arrow key.

Note: The Line command has been updated to provide a new choice to

AutoCAD 2018 22.0 Crack +

The 2016 update of AutoCAD brings a major new software technology that enables developers to create programs that work entirely within AutoCAD’s graphical interface. The new technology, called Custom Visual LISP (CVL), allows a developer to write code directly within the application.

In AutoCAD LT 2.6, ObjectARX is no longer available as an API. Instead, the same functionality is supported by a new C++ class library, called ObjectARX, which provides a library for a number of platforms, including Win32, OS X and Linux.

NetScape and Trimble have also released.NET and Java APIs, allowing developers to access the functions in AutoCAD from other platforms.

NetScape is a provider of development tools and enterprise engineering services. On 17 February 2010, AutoCAD for Windows (AutoCAD LW) was integrated with NetScape’s Esri ArcGIS Explorer.

AutoCAD functionality is also available in:
AutoCAD 360, and AutoCAD 360 Mobile, an application that runs on iOS and Android platforms.
AutoCAD Mobile, an application for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.
ArcGIS for AutoCAD, an extension for ArcGIS that integrates AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD WS and AutoCAD RST into ArcGIS.
Autodesk Silhouette, a cloud-based service that allows customers to create their own physical 3D printable parts. The Silhouette extension adds a 3D preview feature in AutoCAD and is available in both Personal and Enterprise editions of AutoCAD.
AutoCAD 360, a tool for creating, deploying, and managing Web and mobile applications. The package includes the core application, cloud delivery services, a mobile application SDK, and a mobile application that can be installed on mobile devices.
AutoCAD 360 Mobile, a tool for creating, deploying, and managing mobile Web applications.
AutoCAD for Web and Mobile, a package that includes the core application, cloud delivery services, a mobile application SDK, a Web application, and mobile application.
AutoCAD MindManager, a visual-based project management software.
BrainOS, a customer software development toolset which extends the functionality of AutoCAD. It is distributed by BrainOS, Inc.
CA Prime, a cloud-based electronic design automation (EDA) application developed by CA Technologies. In 2011, CA Technologies acquired Autodes

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